Single-Skinned Cadet™ Equipment Cabinet System

Cost–effective and reliable, the Single–Skinned Cadet Equipment Cabinet offers a long term solution for housing equipment where temperature variation is important.

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Durable small equipment housings ideal where temperature control is unimportant.
Design Features
  • Manufactured from single-skin 1.4mm plastic-coated steel.
  • A long-term solution for protecting instrumentation and equipment.
  • Minimal maintenance without the need for coating or painting.
  • Doors are type-tested to IP56 for dust and water ingress.
  • Optional features include backboards, floors, inspection windows and internal mounting rails.
  • Delivered fully assembled.
Cabinet: Dark Grey.
Additional colour options are available on request at additional cost.
1.4mm plastic-coated steel.
Height: 400mm-2000mm.
External length: 450mm-1000mm.
External Depth: 250mm-600mm.
15kg-70kg, depending on size and specification.