Carleton™ Segregated Smoking Shelter

3 or 4 Bay Partitioned Models Available

This specially constructed model of the Carleton Smokers Shelter is designed to screen off personnel from one another during breaks. It provides fully segregated smokers booths and is available as a 3-bay or 4-bay shelter with flat roof. Delivered pre-assembled for quick install on site.

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The Carleton Segregated Smoking Shelter is a pre-assembled outdoor smoking shelter. 

Choose from a 3-Bay or 4-Bay model to provide your personnel with individually screened smoking booths for added safety where social distancing is difficult. This solution can also help to confine cigarette waste preventing littering around the site. We also offer a range of durable cigarette bins and ashtrays.

Social distancing graphics are available for specification on the glazing to serve as reminders to users to keep separated.

The 3-Bay Carleton Shelters can also be supplied in kit form for assembly on site. Comprehensive instructions and a DVD are provided. Please contact us to discuss your self-assembly requirements.

Fully assembled Carleton Shelters are base fixed using adjustable spigot legs to accommodate uneven surfaces, or can be supplied with extended legs for setting into concrete pockets.

Manufactured from low-maintenance materials, Carleton Shelters feature aluminium framework that is either anodised for a silver finish or treated with a coloured Armortec™ Coating for a high degree of corrosion resistance and to eliminate routine painting requirements.

Delivery is not included. Carriage charges are based on the location of delivery.

Design Features
  • 2 standard layouts - 3-Bay or 4-Bay
  • Panels available in toughened glass, thermoplastic glazing or blank GRP in a choice of colours.
  • Low maintenance materials for a cost-effective shelter solution,
Framework: Natural anodised aluminium.
Flat roof: Alaska Grey.
Glazing - Clear glazing.
Product Options
  • Social distancing graphic stickers.
  • Glazed panels: High-impact thermoplastic sheet and tinted glazing is available at additional cost.
  • Variety of optional features, including personalised glass etching, vandal-resistant timetable boards and exterior-quality fluorescent lighting. Please request a quote or talk to us about your additional requirements today.
Framework: Anodised aluminium.
Flat roof: 33mm composite panel.
Glazed panels: 6mm toughened glass.
Standard Models:
3 bay long x 1 bay wide: 3245mm x 1115mm
4 bay long x 1 bay wide: 4310mm x 1115mm
Height (flat roof): 2300mm