Ideal for outside small businesses and workplaces, the Modus Smoking & Vaping Shelter shields employees from the weather when smoking. Combined with signage and a cigarette bin a tidy smoking area can be created.

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Modus Smoking & Vaping Shelter is a fully compliant smoking shelter made from environmentally friendly materials.

Modus shelters are manufactured from Vandalex® Coated Aluminium and 100% recycled Ecoboard™ panels. The Durapol® Material roof offers superior strength and durability.

Modus Smoking Shelters are fully compliant with UK smoking regulations - the units are supplied with reduced-height panels that ensure no more than 50% of the shelter is enclosed.

Optional smoking area signage is available from stock for the Modus Smoking Shelter. The rear glazing panel can be replaced with a blank Ecoboard panel if the shelter is to be sited against a wall.

Please note: Modus Shelters are supplied in fully assembled form as standard, ready for fixing down on to a prepared concrete base immediately upon delivery.

Shelters can also be supplied as a self-assembly kit for multiple roll out programmes or sites with restricted access.

Design Features
  • Available in two sizes: 770 Model or 1280 Model.
  • Robust double-skinned Durapol™ Material roof, or new transparent glazed option now available.
  • Optional features include blank or printed signage, perch seating or a blank Ecoboard Material rear panel for siting against a wall.
  • Normally supplied fully assembled ready for immediate fixing to a prepared concrete base. Flat-pack delivery for simple self assembly is available if site access is restricted.
Frame: Silver.
Roof: Anthracite Grey.
Panelling: Dark Grey.
Blank signage panel: Light Grey.
Framework: Anodised aluminium.
Roof: Durapol™ Material.
Blank panels: 100% recycled Ecoboard Material.
Spigot legs: Mild steel with Armortec™ Coating.
Glazing: 5mm PETG.
Glazing strips: Durapol™ Material.
Height: 2355mm.
Width: 1615mm.
Depth: 925mm (770 Model), 1255mm (1280 Model).
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