With a pivot–action bin release / locking operation and a removable body, the Super Trimline 50 litre litter bin is the ideal outdoor waste container for bus stops, waiting areas and doorways.

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Waste Sacks - size D
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Features the unique Glasdon pivot-action release and locking operation.
Design Features
  • Pivot-action bin release and locking mechanism.
  • Anti-burst lock - key to open, slam to lock.
  • Stainless steel backbone.
  • Fixings for wall or post mounting.
  • Cigarette stubber plate.
Bin: Black, Bright Red, Dark Blue, Deep Green, Yellow.
Bin body: Durapol™ Material.
Metal liner: Zinc-coated steel.
Sack retention system: Stainless steel.
Backbone: Stainless steel.
Capacity: 50 litres.
Height: 650mm.
Width: 450mm.
Depth: 360mm.
Weight: 4kg (without liner), 4.4kg (with sack retention), 6.6kg (with metal liner).
Glasdon International | Super Trimline 50™ HSL PPE Waste Bin
Glasdon International | Product Testing | Super Trimline 50™ Litter Bin