Easy to use, Icemaster 25 walk–behind manual grit / salt spreader improves the safety of smaller areas, such as pathways.
*Special Offer* 3 FREE pairs of Ice Grips when you buy this grit spreader - see below for details.

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Icemaster 25 Grit Spreader takes the hard work out of treating paths, drives and car parks.

Icemaster 25's simple, hardwearing design makes clearing ice from your site a breeze. The corrosion–free Durapol™ Material hopper holds up to 25kg of dry de–icing salt (we recommend Glasdon Ice–Melt™ ), and a broadcast spinner plate spreads the material evenly and consistently. The faster you walk, the further it spreads!

Icemaster 25 features a flow control assembly mechanism. One lever opens and closes a plate in the hopper to adjust the amount of grit released from the hopper to the spinner.

Icemaster 25 Grit Spreader is delivered in kit form as standard and should take approximately 45 minutes to put together. You'll need an 8mm spanner, a 10mm spanner, a Philips screwdriver and a pair of pliers. We can assemble the unit for you prior to delivery for an additional charge if you'd prefer.

*Special Offer*

We're giving away 3 FREE pairs of Ice Grips with every Icemaster 25 order. You will receive a medium, large and an extra large pair of Ice Grips so that you are well prepared for the Winter months ahead. Offer available on all manual grit spreaders. Hurry for a limited time only.

Design Features
  • Low maintenance materials for hassle-free use.
  • Rotary agitator breaks up the de-icing salt for consistent spreading.
  • Single lever regulates flow for simple operation.
  • Rear stand and tough pneumatic tyres for comfort and convenience.
  • Removable mesh filter sieves the spreading product before it enters the hopper.
  • Sealed Durapol™ Material gearbox protects gearing system from harmful contaminants.
Colour: Black
Hopper: Durapol™ Material
Frame: Steel with Armortec™ coating
Capacity: 25ltr.
Width: 530mm.
Unladen weight: 9.75kg.
Weight capacity: 25kg (approx. 2 x tubs of Glasdon Ice–Melt).