Low maintenance walk–behind gritter with large spreading width. Turbocast 300 is ideal for areas such as car parks and playgrounds.
*Special Offer* 3 FREE pairs of Ice Grips when you buy this grit spreader - see below for details.

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  What is this? Special Offer - Ice Grips

Spreads to a width of between 3 and 7 metres with minimum effort.

*Special Offer*

We're giving away 3 FREE pairs of Ice Grips with every Turbocast 300 order. You will receive a medium, large and an extra large pair of Ice Grips so that you are well prepared for the Winter months ahead. Offer available on all manual grit spreaders. Hurry for a limited time only.

Design Features
  • Easy to empty.
  • Slim design.
  • Range of settings allows accurate, controlled spreading.
  • Gritter can be disengaged for transportation without losing any material.
  • All mechanisms are protected to prolong service life.
  • Solid rubber cushioned tyres.
  • Polypropylene spinning plate spreads grit up to 7 metres wide.
Length: 1235mm.
Width: 670mm.
Height: 950mm.
Maximum payload: 66kg wet brown rock salt.
Unladen weight: 43kg.
Area of coverage: up to 1,432m².
Maximum spreading width: approximately 7.3 metres.
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