The Turbocast 1000 is a large capacity towable spreader that can be used as a drop or broadcast spreader. Ideal for spreading grit / salt over large areas.

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Provides multi-action, even spread.

Turbocast 1000™ is Not Suitable for use on the Public Highway.

Design Features
  • Large capacity hopper made from Durapol™ Material, which will not chip, rust or corrode.
  • 3mm thick rubber agitation mat feeds the hopper funnels.
  • Agitation fingers in constant contact with the helical cam shaft, providing quiet and smooth operation.
  • All mechanisms are protected to prolong service life.
  • Dump flap apertures allow excess grit/salt in the hopper to be released onto the floor so the gritter can be easily cleaned and maintained.
  • New shut-off lever allows the machine to be turned off when loaded with grit.
  • Light cluster comprising of rear brake, number plate, indicator and rear fog lights, powered by a standard 7-pin plug.
  • Rear triangle, side and front white reflectors fitted as standard.
  • 20mph sticker positioned on the side of the unit for added awareness.
Length: 2676mm (2966mm with deflectors deployed).
Width: 1637mm (1590mm with deflectors deployed).
Height: 1151mm (load), 462mm (towbar).
Maximum payload: 500kg wet brown rock salt.
Weight: 250kg (unladen), 750kg (maximum load).
Area of coverage: up to 5,000m².
Maximum spreading width: approximately 10 metres.
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