Citadel™ 336 Industrial Cabinet 350x300x600

The Citadel™ 336 steel cabinet is available as an IP56 rated enclosure or as a ventilated model, for the secure housing of electrical equipment, metering and monitoring devices and network technologies, across a variety of industrial applications.

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The Citadel 336 is the smallest unit in the Glasdon range of standard size, industrial cabinets at 350 (w) x 300 (d) x 600 (h).

Citadel Industrial Steel Cabinets

Manufactured in plastic coated steel with a 2mm stainless steel chassis and featuring all-round double skinned insulation and reinforced door, the Citadel cabinets are strong, weatherproof and resilient.

For optimum security the cabinet is supplied with a T-Handle locking system, as standard.

A pre-finished plywood backboard is also available as an optional extra to allow for equipment and instrumentation to be fixed where necessary.

Citadel 336 is supplied on a pallet.

Citadel Exploded Diagram

Design Features
  • Available as an IP56 Rated model or Ventilated model. What is this? Citadel Industrial Cabinets
  • T-Handle Locking System. What is this? Citadel - T-Handle Locking System
  • Plastisol External Finish: provides resistance against abrasions and vandalism with minimal maintenance required, removing the need for coating or painting.
  • Double Skinned Insulated Walls and Roof: provide vandal and weather resistance.
  • Reinforced Double Skinned Insulated Door: provides optimum protection.
  • Forward Sloping Roof: prevents liquids and debris from collecting on top.
  • Flush Back: allows for the enclosure to be sited against walls without dirt traps if required.
  • 2mm Stainless Steel (Grade 304) Chassis minimises corrosion from ground point and provides a strong, robust base with integrated fixing points to secure it into the ground.
  • Secure Stainless Steel Hinges: for weather and vandal resistance ensuring long lasting durability. What is this? Stainless Steel Door Hinges
  • 3 Point Locking System: provides a tightly sealed enclosure. What is this? 3 Point Locking System
  • Rubber Door Compression Seals: helps minimise water and dust ingress.
  • Concealed Stainless Steel Fixings: provide vandal and corrosion resistance.
Merlin Grey
Any TATA Steel Colorcoat LG colours are available on request subject to a minimum order quantity of 25 units.
Product Options
  • Timber Backboard: Pre-finished plywood backboard to provide fixing grounds for equipment and instrumentation. What is this? Citadel - Pre-finished Plywood Backboard
  • Choose from a Concrete fixing kit or Concrete-in Anchor Kit with LCTR Plate to secure the Citadel into the ground.
Walls/Roof/Door: Plastisol - Plastic Coated Steel
Chassis: Stainless Steel Grade 304
Door Hinges: Stainless Steel
Width: 350mm
Depth: 300mm
Height: 600mm
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