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Glasdon are a leading manufacturer of contemporary and attractive architectural furniture, providing sustainable solutions for all urban and commercial environments. Our range includes both external and internal products in a range of styles, specially designed to complement modern aesthetics.

Coordinate with existing modern architecture or new regeneration projects with the Glasdon range of contemporary litter bins and urban furniture. Our products are specially designed to complement a range of environments whilst maintaining a stylish aesthetic.

Our premium Courbe™ Sack Holder is ideal for incorporating into urban architectural projects. These sleek, low-maintenance sack holder litter bins are attractive and stylish to look at, whilst also providing function and efficiency. A variety of colours available within the range ensures we have a solution to suit any external environment.

To combat recyclable waste in internal environments, our Electra™ Recycling Bins feature a pristine metal finish and are available as single units or multi-stream containers. Manufactured with an Armortec™ coated steel framework, these steel recycling bins offer unrivalled durability for a low-maintenance, long service life.
For outdoor environments, the Electra Recycling Bins range is also available with a curved design and hood to prevent rainwater from pooling inside the unit.

As part of our specialist range of industry-leading products, we design and manufacture portable buildings, GRP enclosures, steel cabinets and modular housings for use in temporary, semi-permanent or permanent applications. Custom configurations are available for use in a variety of applications to suit your needs.

Outdoor seating is a great way to enhance external environments, which is why we manufacture an exceptional range of seats, benches and picnic table in varying styles. Our contemporary benches for parks and public spaces feature modern designs to coordinate with existing or new urban architecture. Available in premium metals including steel and aluminium, as well as high-quality recycled polymers designed to look like wood. From the slats down to the seat ends, we use only the highest quality materials for longevity and weather resistance. Find out more about the ref="/faq/which-materials-do-glasdon-use-seats-benches">materials we use for our seats and benches.

For architectural projects where road safety is a concern, choose a Glasdon bollard. Available as sign-carrying, reflective and verge-marking posts as well as passively safe bollards tested to withstand vehicle nudges, you’re sure to find the right solution within our range.

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