Focus on Services

Glasdon are a market-leading manufacturer of effective solutions for the service sector. All solutions within this range have been specially selected for the services industry, to help you manage and enhance the facilities in your business to provide the best possible for your customers. High-quality materials are used for all our products, ensuring resistance to vandalism and everyday wear and tear whilst complementing any setting.

Glasdon manufacture and design the highest quality products for a low maintenance, long service life. We provide effortless, uncomplicated waste management solutions, hard-wearing IP rated cabinets and GRP enclosures, durable road safety bollards and more to help customers improve their business both visually and economically.

Our IP rated cabinets and GRP enclosures are ideal for storage and protection around your site and are corrosion, vandal, and weather resistant, making them easy to maintain throughout their long service life. The Element™ GRP Housing incorporates GRP panels which feature a semi-gloss and outer laminate making it suitable for all conditions, whilst an inner laminate layer provides flame retardancy.

We have a wealth of experience when it comes to supplying the service industry with effective waste management solutions. From indoor and outdoor litter bins, to cigarette bins and street orderly barrows, as well as a wide variety of recycling stations, you can be confident to find just what you’re looking for within our range. Many of our products can also be customised to meet your company needs, with personalised waste streams and stickers or the addition of business branding.

Our Winter Safety range makes sure you can equip your site to fight the cold & icy, mostly unpredictable, weather conditions. Prioritise staff and visitor safety across your business with our range of grit bins, durable snow shovels, and easy-to-use salt spreaders. The highly popular Icemaster Manual 50™ Spreader allows fast spreading at variable speeds and widths, to help reduce risk around your site and surrounding walkways.

In a range of styles, both traditional and modern, our extensive range of road safety bollards are manufactured from the highest quality materials, ensuring that they won’t chip or rust to keep maintenance costs at a minimum. Our range of passively safe bollards are also crash-tested to BS EN 12767 to prioritise driver safety and can be supplied with a variety of fixing options. View our helpful Guide to Fixing Options for Glasdon Bollards to find out which is best for you.

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