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Glasdon are a leading manufacturer and supplier of sustainable solutions for busy healthcare environments. Working with both clinical and non-clinical healthcare customers, we are focused on providing the most effective solutions for the management of waste and recycling, grounds maintenance, electrical equipment housing and on-site health and safety. All featured products have been selected based on the top solutions chosen by our healthcare customers.

Glasdon are renowned for supplying high-quality solutions to the healthcare industry including products for use in hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, community health settings, hospices and specialist units. Hygienically designed and built to last, all Glasdon products are high-quality, durable and require little maintenance for a long life. The majority of our products can also be recycled after use, helping to contribute to a more circular economy.

We understand that maintaining a tidy & hygienic environment for visitors, patients, and staff is of key importance to any healthcare facility. Our extensive range of indoor & outdoor little bins are robust, practical and resistant to weather conditions.

A variety of recycling solutions in varying sizes and styles ensure that waste can be organised effectively and discreetly within any medical facility.
See how you can prioritise hygiene with hands-free pedal bins, specially designed to provide users with a non-contact method of PPE and waste disposal, minimising the spread of germs in internal environments. We also give you the option of personalising your recycling solutions to create a uniform, company-focused recycling programme.

Explore a selection of innovative and sustainable picnic benches and outdoor seating, which have been manufactured to optimum performance levels to withstand all weather conditions. All of our picnic seating solutions are also available as wheelchair accessible picnic tables with extended table edges, ensuring everyone at your healthcare facility is able to enjoy the outdoor space.

Printing confidential information may be unavoidable for healthcare organisations and sensitive documents must be protected from unauthorised use. Create peace of mind for your institution by managing confidential documents with our wide range of secure containers, designed to ensure that patient records and sensitive data are stored correctly and confidentially.

We also supply a wide range of smoking and waiting shelters, durable traffic bollards, GRP buildings & equipment cabinets, and more which are perfect for the healthcare industry. For more information, please LiveChat with us our browse the complete range online!

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