Focus on Facilities Management

Glasdon are a leading manufacturer and supplier of quality products ideal for facilities managers in Ireland, designed with a focus on customer needs to provide effective solutions to enhance any facility.

We offer an extensive range of diverse, highly durable, and low maintenance solutions including litter bins and recycling stations, indoor and outdoor seats and benches, winter, road and marine safety equipment, enclosures and cabinets, and boundary signage systems.

Renowned for reliability and long service life, we design and construct our products using a range of materials selected for longevity, and our product testing ensures they can withstand hard wearing and maintain a high standard.

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With a commitment to sustainability and the environment, many of our products utilise sustainable materials and can be successfully recycled at the end of their service life.

We design many of our products with the option of customisation and personalisation in mind. Our wide range of material options and colours offer the ability to personalise a product to your needs, and our in-house graphics team can create graphics and themes to replicate a corporate identity or company brand.

All products featured in this section have been selected based on the top solutions chosen by facilities managers.

If you have any questions about the products in this section. please feel free to call 1800 656 606 or email, alternatively you can use the live chat feature at the bottom of this page.