Focus on Facilities and Property Management

Glasdon are a leading manufacturers and suppliers of quality products for facilities & property managers, designed with a focus on customer needs to provide effective solutions to enhance any facility. Renowned for reliability and long service life, we design and construct our products using a range of materials selected for longevity and our product testing ensures they can withstand abuse and maintain a high standard.

All products featured in this section have been selected based on top solutions chosen by facility and property managers. With a commitment to sustainability and the environment, we endeavour to ensure many of our products utilise sustainable materials and can be successfully recycled at the end of their service life.

The best-selling Clifton™ Recycled Material Picnic Table is a popular choice among facility and property managers due to its low-maintenance design and competitive pricing. Available as a standard or wheelchair accessible models, complete with a choice of different slat options.

Our waste management solutions include a variety of high-quality indoor and outdoor litter bins, pet waste stations and cigarette bins, ensuring we have the right product for any location. With a variety of choice and whatever your budget, our bins are designed to enhance any space and are easy to use and maintain, as well as being weather & vandal resistant. See our helpful guide on How do I Choose a Litter Bin to find the right waste solution.

Looking to improve recycling rates at your facility? Check out our range of indoor recycling bins and outdoor stations, available in an array of capacities and styles complete with colour-coded apertures and graphics to combat your chosen waste stream. Site centrally in high footfall areas for maximum impact.

Creating an effective recycling programme doesn’t have to be difficult; maximise individual recycling opportunities with our Nexus® Evolution Recycling Bins Range. Complete with colour coded apertures, available in a variety of styles and varying capacities, and with the option of personalisation, this range will fit neatly into any environment.

Our Combo Delta™ Large Aperture Litter Bin is ideal for siting in high traffic areas such as entrance ways and car parks to promote correct waste disposal. Its wide funnel aperture helps encourage use and guide waste into the bin.

Providing everyone with an outdoor space they can enjoy can be just as beneficial for the environment as it is to our wellbeing; our seating is manufactured using a range of recycled and environmentally friendly materials.
For more information on our recycled material seating solutions, see Which Materials Glasdon use for their Seats and Benches.

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