SmokeGuard® Smoke Dampening Device

Though most smokers stub their cigarettes out before disposing of them in a cigarette bin, they rarely take the time and effort to ensure it's completely out before throwing it away. Cigarette butts can smoulder for a few minutes inside the bin, leaking smoke and discouraging other smokers from using it properly. In extreme cases, especially where other litter has been crammed into the unit, there may be a risk of a small fire.

The patented SmokeGuard Smoke Dampening Device from Glasdon UK solves this problem. SmokeGuard restricts airflow in and out of the Ashmount SG® and Ashguard SG® Cigarette Bins, starving smouldering cigarettes of oxygen so they go out quickly, and limiting the amount of smoke that escapes the bin.

If you'd like to speak to us about our smoking control products, please call us on 1800 656 606 or email enquiries@glasdon.ie today.

01 January 2013
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