The Glasdon Guide to Specifying Cycle Parking

At Glasdon, we design, manufacture and supply a wide range of contemporary or traditional cycle shelters and bike stands that provide a modern and stylish solution to secure cycle storage, offer weather protection and promote cycle usage.

Bike stands are ideal for offering short-term cycle parking for visitors to your premises. The Cyclone™ Bike Stand has a heavy base that keeps bikes safe but allows the stands to be sited without groundworks and moved between locations to suit your needs.

Modus™ Cycle Lockers are particularly popular with transport companies for locating at sites such as train stations. Lockers allow individual bikes to be stored securely for long periods. Modus Cycle Locker can be laid out in a wide range of formations to maximise space.

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Where longer-term cycle parking is required, such as for staff or pupils, we recommend a Glasdon cycle shelter. The space used for two car parking spaces can easily accommodate a Glasdon shelter with secure storage for up to ten bikes.

For front-of-house siting in prestigious locations, many of our customers specify the Bi-Port™ Cycle Shelter, which offers the ultimate in contemporary design in a choice of colours and finishes.

In higher-risk areas where shelters may be unmonitored, the Corral™ Cycle Compound provides an enclosed, secure space for storage with a lockable entrance to help prevent theft. The Corral™ Cycle Compound links Bi-Store™ Cycle Shelters to form a modular, secure parking area limited only by the space available.

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Originally posted: March 07, 2013
13 January 2020