Integro City™ Cigarette / Litter Bin

The Integro City outdoor litter bin manages general and cigarette waste in one piece of external street furniture. Its compact design minimises use of space on the pavement.

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Integro™ Cigarette / Litter Bin


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A streamlined litter bin with a large integral cigarette disposal.
Design Features
  • Front-opening door with keyed lift-and-lock mechanism.
  • 5ltr metal ash liner with stainless steel ash grille.
  • Compact footprint minimises space on pavement.
  • Cigarette and litter graphics.
Bin: Black, Anthracite Grey, Millstone.
Bin body and door: Durapol™ Material.
Ash grille: Stainless steel.
Litter and ash liners: Zinc-coated steel.
Litter capacity: 35 litres.
Height: 1142mm.
Width: 439mm.
Depth: 348mm.
Weight: 13kg.
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