New Aero™ Shelter

The New Aero Shelter from Glasdon is totally corrosion free with an attractive contemporary design.

The shelter features end panels made from Durapol™ Material, which is self coloured and will not show scratches or scuffs. Durapol Material can be wiped clean if necessary and will never rot, chip or rust. Toughened PETG glazing and a strong aluminium framework ensures Aero Shelter is extremely resilient.

To make sure the shelters will stand up to the harshest weather the British Isles can offer, we took Aero to MIRA's wind tunnel testing facility and cranked the fans up to simulate winds of 60mph - Gale Force 10.

Winds this strong regularly uproot trees and damage roofs, but the Aero Shelter stayed securely fastened to the floor. The shelter was completely undamaged.

Aero Shelter is available to order now and is supplied fully assembled, ready to bolt down to a prepared concrete surface. Contact us on 1800 656 606 or email to start the process.

New Aero™ Shelter
15 May 2013