Shelter at the Seaside

The town and civil parish of Padstow on the north coast of Cornwall is a historic fishing port and popular tourist destination. Padstow is known for its connection to restaurateur Rick Stein, who owns several restaurants and cafes in the town.

Padstow Town Council contacted Glasdon with a problem: the very popular Railway Car Park on Station Road in the town has stunning views over the beach, but sand blowing inland was damaging the car park's pay and display machines.

Glasdon's Modus™ Shelter was ideal for the task. As well as protecting the expensive electronics from sand ingress, Modus Shelter offers cover from the variable British weather for car park users. With Ecoboard™ Panels made from 100% recycled material, and framework made with recycled aluminium and steel, Modus Shelter is environmentally friendly and economical.

Modus can be supplied fully assembled or as a self-assembly kit, in two depths and with the option of short panels to meet UK legislation for use as a smoking shelter. For more information on Modus or any of our innovative waiting, smoking or cycle shelter products, please contact us via enquiry form, or use the Live Chat feature on this website.

Shelter at the Seaside
21 May 2014
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