Screen Clean Station™ Forecourt Bin Attachment

With its compact design and easy installation, the Screen Clean Station™ forecourt bin attachment, complete with a squeegee and 8 litre water reservoir, is the perfect addition to any petrol forecourt, and is compatible with both the Super Guppy™ and the Auto-Mate™ Petrol Forecourt Bin.

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Enhance your petrol forecourt with the Screen Clean Station™ forecourt bin attachment by providing customers with an easy solution for windscreen cleaning. Manufactured from Durapol™, a durable and robust material, the Screen Clean Station attachment is weather and vandal resistant and requires minimal maintenance. The smooth surfaces of the product ensure that it is both easy to clean and user friendly. Due to its durable construction, the Screen Clean Station forecourt bin attachment is long-lasting and recyclable at the end of its service life.

The open top design of the unit allows for easy access to the large capacity 8 litre water reservoir when using the squeegee and refilling the unit. Carry handle points further aid operational use by improving the ease of lifting and refilling the unit. To get the best performance out of your Screen Clean Station forecourt bin attachment it is recommended that the reservoir is filled approximately half way. A central resting groove ensures the squeegee remains in place when the Screen Clean Station forecourt bin attachment is not in use.

The Screen Clean Station forecourt bin attachment is available in a variety of colours to enhance any location, and offers an area for personalisation with your company name, logo or message.

The product has minimal components which allows for an easy installation, and is compatible with both the Auto-Mate™ and Super Guppy™ litter bins. The Screen Clean Station forecourt bin attachment is supplied with a retro-fit installation kit so it can be easily attached to your existing Auto-Mate or Super Guppy litter bin. These discrete and vandal resistant button knob fixings also allow the Screen Clean Station forecourt bin attachment to be easily removed for cleaning or filling whilst maintaining a smooth, co-ordinated design once fitted. If desired, a permanent retro-fit installation kit is also available to prevent the unauthorised removal of the Screen Clean Station forecourt bin attachment after installation.

Design Features
  • Complete with a squeegee  What is this? Squeegee and central resting groove  What is this? Central resting groove
  • Open top water reservoir to allow full squeegee submersion
  • Compatible with the Auto-Mate and Super Guppy litter bins  What is this? Compatible litter bins
  • Made from vandal and weather resistant Durapol  What is this? Durapol Material
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Smooth surfaces
  • Available in a variety of colours  What is this? Colour options
  • Area for personalisation  What is this? Personalisation area
  • Carry handle points to allow for a comfortable hold when carrying the unit  What is this? Carry Handle points
  • Vandal-resistant
Standard colours: Red, Black, Light Grey, Dark Blue  What is this? Colour options
Other colour options are available on request. Please contact us to discuss your requirements
Product Options
  • Personalisation and Branding  What is this? Personalisation area
Body: Durapol
Screen Clean Station forecourt bin attachment:
Capacity: 8 litres
Height: 333mm
Width: 399mm
Depth: 384mm
Weight: 2.8kg
Combined weight: 10.8kg (when containing 8 litres of water)
Rubber blade with sponge head width: 200mm