The Turbocast 800 is an efficent towable grit spreader, ideal for use with quad bikes or forklift trucks. Great for of spreading wet or dry grit / salt in pedestrianised areas or industrial sites

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Turbocast 1000™ Broadcast/Drop Spreader/Gritter
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Turbocast 800 is a versatile towable gritter ideal for use in pedestrianised areas or industrial sites.

Turbocast 800 Gritter offers all the features of the popular Turbocast 1000™ Gritter in a more compact unit that is light enough to be towed by a variety of vehicles, including quad bikes and forklifts. The 200 litre capacity hopper will hold approximately 10 25kg bags of rock salt and provides controllable spread output for widths up to 8 metres at a towing speed of up to 20mph.

Glasdon Turbocast 800 and 1000 Gritters can be converted between broadcast spreading and drop spreading with the use of deflectors.

Design Features
  • Durapol™ Material hopper will not rust, chip or corrode.
  • Low-maintenance stainless steel chassis, drive mechanism and broadcast spinner plate.
  • Consistently distributed spread of up to 8 metres.
  • Unique agitation method spreads wet or dry grit/salt.
  • Durapol™ Material side deflectors create drop-spreading action for accurate, high density treatment.
  • Spread adjustment mechanism for complete control of spread output from 5 to 40g/m².
  • Adjustable speed control allows for uniform spread output range from 5-20mph.
  • ON/OFF switch for drive engagement to minimise wastage when travelling between sites.
  • Adjustable height tow bar with pin hitch or ball hitch coupling.
  • Encapsulated drive mechanism for low-maintenance operation.
Hopper: Yellow.
Hopper: Polyethylene.
Chassis: Stainless steel.
Length: 2000mm.
Width: 1210mm.
Height: 1050mm.
Maximum payload: 250kg wet brown rock salt.
Weight: 170kg (unladen), 420kg (maximum load).
Area of coverage: 6,250m² (at 40g/m²).
Maximum spreading width: approximately 8 metres.
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