Future Proof Recycling

Better for the planet, better for the budget.

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Over recent years, calls to close the loop between production and consumerism have risen sharply, and the need for sustainable products, environmentally conscious working practices and recycling is more important than ever.

With the power to extend product life cycles and relieve pressure on limited resources, successful recycling initiatives allow businesses and organisations to create a viable model of reduce, reuse, recycle and works towards achieving company sustainability goals.

In order to better its impact on the planet and lessen the effect on budgets, we take a look at the benefit of future proof recycling and the steps Glasdon and our customers are taking to achieve it.

Changeable Waste Management Requirements

There can be several reasons for it, including changing staffing numbers or business requirements, but business waste requirements often change over time. Whether adding an additional stream, adapting a current one, or adapting the collection capacity, creating a successful and effective recycling programme can be tricky, but there are ways to make it easier.

Adaptable Multi-Stream Recycling Solutions

A multi-stream recycling bin utilises multiple compartments to create a flexible recycling solution suitable for all situations and adaptable to meet exact recycling requirements. Available with various moulded apertures - ranging from slot, open and round openings to flip lids - modular recycling bins offer unrivalled adaptability. Created with narrow footprints, the recycling bins maximise recycling potential while lessening the floor space requirement.

A popular example of a multi-compartment recycling bin is the Nexus® Evolution Quad Recycling Bin. With a 160-litre capacity, the recycling bin splits into four compartments to collect four separate streams in one tidy and flexible unit.

Close up of a Nexus Evolution Recycling Bin

Utilising a bungee sack retention system and pivoting lid with stay, the Nexus Evolution Quad Recycling Bin allows easy and quick access for maintenance and emptying and is also available in Duo Recycling Bin or Trio Recycling Bin models (as pictured above).

Spares and Accessories

It may last ten years or more, but eventually it’s inevitable that all products reach the end of their life cycle. But a lost key, damaged part or changing waste stream requirement shouldn’t have to lessen the life cycle of a product. At Glasdon, we future proof our products by offering spares and accessories. By providing customers with the means to adapt, maintain and repair purchased products, the option for spares and accessories considers the planet by eliminating the need to source entirely new products and instead encouraging users to amending current recycling containers or repair products when possible.

Recyclability and Sustainability

 logo stating that a product is recyclable at the end of its service life

As a market-leading manufacturer of recycling solutions and other products and a company driven by our passion for the environment, product recyclability is an important part of our design process. Driven by our desire to improve our environmental performance and integrate sustainable and ethical practices into Glasdon processes, most of our products are recyclable at the end of their service life. Through such, it not only seeks to close the loop between manufacturing and consumerism but contributes to the extension of material life cycles.

Alongside this, many Glasdon products also contain recycled material. Ranging from 15% to as much as 100%, the recycled material in Glasdon products varies dependant on material type and colour.

To read more about implementing a successful recycling programme, download our free eBook below.

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01 June 2022
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