Street Orderly Barrows & Litter Collection

The Glasdon range of litter collection tools and cleaning equipment are ideal for maintaining cleanliness and decreasing litter on public streets and within business facilities and premises. Collect, segregate and transport waste quickly and efficiently with multi-purpose street cleaning barrows.

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Large handles and wheels make our street orderly barrows easy to use and manoeuvre when transporting equipment and collecting waste. The front bumpers contain moulded in storage systems to safely hold street cleaning equipment, providing increased ease for the user. Our litter picking tools are ideal for use in conjunction with your chosen street cleaning barrow.

Strong sack retention systems allow for quick removal of waste which is ideal for Local Authorities managing busy town centres or retail parks. Choose between single stream or dual stream barrows to best accommodate your needs.

Available in a variety of colours, Glasdon street cleaning barrows can also be personalised with your company branding or logo. Enhance your chosen street litter collection trolley with a parking brake unit and a sack hook for extra ease when emptying and handling.

We also offer an extensive range of outdoor litter bins, ranging from slim, space-saving waste bins up to large wheelie bin housings for areas where a higher volume of waste is to be expected.

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