Our village gateway ‘welcome to’ sign is a smart way of displaying village names and speed limits combined, de-cluttering the amount of signage on the road when entering a village.

For more information or to place an order, please phone our sales line on 1800 656 606 or e-mail: enquiries@glasdon.ie

An attractive, lower maintenance alternative to traditional wooden gates used to welcome visitors at the entrances and exits of towns and villages.
Design Features
  • A low maintenance, long-lasting alternative to traditional wooden sign carriers.
  • Hundreds of combinations of colour, slats, widths and heights available - contact us for more information.
Colours: Dark Oak, Light Oak, White.
Posts/slats: Everwood Material.
Fixing bolts: Stainless steel.
Height: 1800mm (1300mm above ground) or 2300mm (1800mm above ground).
Width: 960mm, 1500mm, 2300mm.
Glasdon Gateway - Product Testing
Glasdon Gateway - cleaning and grass cutting testing
Glasdon Gateway Wind Tunnel Testing